Tile & Grout Cleaning

At America Carpet & Tile Cleaning we follow all the procedures and take the necessary cautions required when caring for your tile & grout. Our technicians are trained in all methods of cleaning the various tiles, including ceramic, slate, and porcelain.

We provide information to our customers, so they can keep the tile at its best in-between professional cleanings.

Ever feel like the tile floor
you just cleaned is still dirty?

Many times when your grout is dirty it takes away from the appearance and that “clean” feeling you get after you have cleaned your floors.

Regular professional cleaning of your grout and tile will not only enhance the appearance, but will also give you that truly beautiful deep down “clean” feeling. It is a difference you can see immediately, and a clean you won’t believe!

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

  • Food stains and grease on kitchen floors
  • Coffee and kool-aid stains on your dining or living room floor
  • High traffic areas stained with mud and grim
  • Wine stains or spilled wax

We also clean: Natural Stone, Brick, Patios

Please give us a call for additional information regarding cleaning of any flooring not listed on our website. Customers call on us for our complete tile and grout cleaning services with total confidence knowing that they will receive the ultimate care and service that they deserve and expect.